Computer Repair Newcastle

Computer Repair Newcastle

PEPC is a newly established local company with over 10 years of IT experience and offers computer services from PC, Mac and laptop repair and troubleshooting to virus and malware removal in the Newcastle and North Tyneside area. We work to the highest standard and are able to offer advice and solutions on all kinds of IT and computer problems.

What PEPC can do for you:

Computer Installations

If you have just bought a PC, Mac, laptop or games console, we can come and install it and set it up for you, as well as offering comprehensive advice and tuition, and answer any questions you may have.

PC and Mac Upgrades

If you think you need an upgrade but are unsure, PEPC can check for you and give you advice on the best way to get what YOU want!

If you have bought a piece of software or hardware and are unsure on how to install it, we can come and install it for you, or you can bring it to our premises if you prefer.

If you want an upgrade we can provide the software and hardware at cheap at reduced prices and install it for you at your home, place of work or on our premises.

Hardware & Software Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with your PC, Mac or laptop we can visit your home and check for errors and repair any found, or If you prefer you can bring your PC, Mac or laptop to our premises, where we can undertake a full inspection.

PC and Mac System Security

We can provide firewalls, virus protection, adware, malware and spyware protection solutions for home or business.

Wireless Broadband & Network Setup

If you are unsure on how to set up wireless broadband in the home or would like to link several computers then PEPC can do all the hard work for you, and have your home network up and running in no time!

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

If your computer is running slow, then the chances are you have a virus or malware and spyware on your PC, Mac or laptop. We can provide virus removal and protect your computer so it will regain it's performance and reduce the chance of similar problems in the future.

Home PC and Mac Tuition

If you have just bought a new PC, Mac or laptop, or if you have just bought new hardware we can install and show you how to use the following:

  • PC, Mac or laptop
  • Scanner
  • Digital camera
  • Software
  • Printer

We have a cheap call out charge and a very competitive hourly rate, so feel free to contact us with any type of query.


Tel: 07949 790357